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About Me

There are many millions of home-crafters/bloggers/sellers out there, and I am just one of them.


I'm a mum of two boys, with a day job, who loves to create and sew. I started making things when I was very young, probably about six or seven, and have continued on and off throughout my life



I have bouts of doing nothing at all creative, and then I get all fired up and churn it out - at which point I need an outlet - hence the need for an online shop! I've discovered what I'm quite good at over the years (sewing...knitting...general crafting including jewellery making, cake decorating) and what I'm most definately not good at ( design).


My current passion (and one that has lasted quite a few years now, so I think its here to stay) is bags of all kinds. I like to choose fabrics that I love - quirky and cute, occasionally retro, usually bright and colourful. I cannot commit to one style as I love so many - rockabilly, retro, shabby, funky - just all sorts. Therefore, I just make what I like and hope someone out there likes it too! Time is always an issue, but I fit this in when I can.


'She Wears Red Feathers' -  Its quite likely you are too young to remember this song, but my dad had this record and we used to sing it when I was little. Initially I really wanted to concentrate on Hawaiian style fabrics for my bags, and the song title seemed quite apt. It didn't really turn out that way, but I kept the name anyway!

She wears red feathers and a huly huly skirt She wears red feathers and a huly huly skirt She lives on just cocynuts and fish furrom the sea A rose in her hair a gleam in her eyes And love in her heart for me


Please take a look around - my gallery will contain all the items I make. The facebook page will be uploaded with current works and musings, and the shop will (hopefully) contain a selection of items for purchase.


If you'd like to see anything before you buy, I am based in the lovely town of Godmanchester, in Cambridgeshire. Thank you for reading!

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